Ms. Hawraa Hayek got her degree in Nutrition and Dietetics from The Lebanese International University (LIU) with honor. She has more than twelve years of experience in Therapeutic nutrition, weight management and sports nutrition. She has participated in several events, workshops, and conferences including the Thirteenth Annual Conference about the impact of obesity on women’s health held in Kuwait. She has given lectures in schools, universities, health clubs and hospitals about healthy food and healthy lifestyle and their effects on the body, mind, intelligence and growth. She is a member of the Nutribox team which includes dietitians from all around the Arab world.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Nutrition and Dietetics – Lebanese International University (LIU) in Lebanon
  • Head of Dietetic Department: Health Company for healthy meals and diet plans, Kuwait

Clinical Expertise:

  • Dietary regimens for weight management (weight loss or gain)
  • Clinical therapeutic consultations for patients with certain medical conditions (diabetes, hypertension, CVD)
  • Assessing psychological eating disorders
  • Educating with meals planning/preparations for a healthy lifestyle
  • Adjusting physical activity plans
  • Nutritional awareness for various categories and ages about healthy food
  • Measuring and analyzing body composition